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Hughie Saunders murder trial: Accused 'feared hiding' from victim

Simon Baker tells jurors he wanted to "clear the air" with Hughie Saunders, of whose murder he is accused.

Scientist finds UK water companies use 'magic' to find leaks

Engineers from a majority of the UK's water firms still use divining rods to locate pipes, it emerges.

Boy, 4, walks out of Merstham primary school on his own

The Surrey primary school pupil was found walking the streets by two members of the public.

Government urged to spend £200m on 'high risk' roads

The Road Safety Foundation says the death and injury levels on some A roads are "unacceptable".

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Mugabe resigns: Zimbabwe celebrates end of an era

Zimbabweans celebrate late into the night after Robert Mugabe resigns, ending 37-year rule.

'Beauty shines' as woman bares alopecia in engagement photos

Makenzee Meaux says she'd lost hope of feeling beautiful until she met her fiancé.

John Lasseter: Pixar founder on leave over 'unwanted hugs'

Allegations of misconduct emerge about the man behind Toy Story and dozens of other classics.

Lebanese PM Saad Hariri returns to Beirut

Saad Hariri thrust Lebanon into crisis when he resigned during a trip to Saudi Arabia.